Fauna in Relief

These prints were made over a summer teaching printmaking at the Putney School. The Red Eft was drawn from life in the forest behind the school. Both prints were edition on the school’s old Vandercook press.

Old Pasture Maple

There was a time in New England when over 80% of the land was deforested to make pasture for sheep. Some trees were left along pasture lines as shade for the animals and to mark property. Once the pastures returned to forest the new trees overtook the old pasture trees. The remnants of one such tree is depicted in this intaglio print on copper using various etching and engraving techniques.

Nights in AS220

This series of etchings was drawn from life in the Bar at AS22o, an art and performance space in Providence, RI. They depict various scenes and people that I witnessed from my corner table.

Fat Tuesday Feast

The plate for this etching was left in the acid bath over a weekend. The effects of this prolonged corrosion had the surprising effect of creating a scene from deep beneath the water.


A lithograph showing flowers discarded from a shop after they had aged to much to be desired.